29th Degree Jewel


The jewel is a St. Andrew’s Cross, of gold, with a large emerald in the center, surmounted by the helmet of a knight, and with a thistle of gold between the arms at the bottom. It is worn suspended from the collar. The emerald signifies the manliness and uprightness of chivalry, its color that of the renewal of virtue, always bright and sparkling. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland and recalls a tradition that

… the Danes invaded Scotland and stealthily surrounded Staines Castle. They took off their shoes to wade the moat, only to find it dry and filled with thistles. The resultant yells and curses roused the garrison, and the Danes were soundly defeated.


Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew Jewel

Metal: Brass

Weight: 0.641 oz

Dimension: 2-1/4″H x 1-3/4″ W(hanger not included)

Individually handcrafted by Mongolian smith


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