14th Degree Jewel


The jewel is a pair of compasses, opened upon a quarter of a circle, and surmounted by a pointed crown. Within the compasses is a medal, representing on one side the sun, and the other a five-pointed star, in the center of which is a delta, and on that the name of Deity in Phoenician characters. This jewel is gold and worn suspended from the collar. On the segment of the circle are enameled, at proper distances from each other, the numerals III…V…VII…IX. The compasses remind us that science, united to honer and virtue, made the architect of the Temple the companion of kings; and that the men of intellect and learning, the great light to our system was once worshiped as a god. The star as a type of the myriad suns that light other countless systems of worlds is an emblem of that Masonic Light in search of which every Mason travels —the correct knowledge of the Deity, and of His laws that control the universe.


Perfect Elu Jewel

Metal: Brass

Weight: 1.345 oz


Dimension: 2-3/4″H x 2-1/4″ W(hanger not included)

Individually handcrafted by Mongolian smith


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