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The 14° Ring

Scottish Rite Masons are entitled to wear the Fourteenth Degree ring, which is a plain flat gold band with a triangle enclosing the Hebrew letter yod (), the initial of the Hebrew name of Deity. Your Lodge of Perfection may have presented one of these rings to you, or you may have received it in another form, such as a ring in a Lucite paperweight. Inside the ring should be your name, the date you received the Fourteenth Degree and the motto Virtus junxit mors non separabit (Virtue has united and death shall not separate). The ring may be worn upon any finger of either hand. The promise connected with this that you will wear it during your lifetime, and that you will provide that, after your death, it shall go into the hands of no other person than your widow, your eldest son, or the friend whom of all others you love most. However, it is not to be worn by such a recipient. If you were not presented with an actual ring, you may buy one from a Masonic supply company. Masters of the Royal Secret may also choose to purchase and wear a 32° ring; however, these are unofficial, and not strictly a part of the Scottish Rite regalia.

— from the “Scottish Rite Ritual” Monitor & Guide book by Arturo De Hoyos

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