6th Degree Jewel


The jewel is a triple-delta superimposed upon an equilateral triangle of gold. Each delta has a center design composed of one of the astrological or alchemical signs signifying the Sun or gold, the Moon or silver, and Mercury or quicksilver. All three represent sources of Light, or Truth. To the ancients, the Sun was a “masculine” (active) symbol, as well as the source of the light which the “feminine” (passive) Moon reflects, while Mercury “harmonizes” or reconciles them. Thus understood, Mercury, messenger of the gods, is a symbol of dynamic equilibrium, an apt symbol for the Master of the Lodge, who illuminates his Brethen with good and wholesome instruction. As explained in the degree summary, the form of the jewel is utterly derived from Pike’s favorite source of Masonic symbolism, the Pythagorean Tetractys.


Intimate Secretary Jewel

Metal: Brass

Weight: 1.265 oz

Dimension: 1-3/4″H x 2-1/16″ W(hanger not included)

Individually handcrafted by Mongolian smith


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