25th Degree – Apron


The apron is white, lined and edged with black; the white side spotted with golden stars, and the black side with silver ones. Those on the white side represent, by their positions and distances, the Pleiades, the Hyades, Orion and Capella. Those on the black side represent the stars of Perseus, Scorpio and Ursa Major. In the middle of the white side is a triangle in a glory, in the center which is the name of Deity in Phoenician characters. On the flap is a serpent in a circle, with his tail in his mouth; and in the center of the circle so formed a scarab, or beetle. Over this is a star of gold, with the letter “A” over it; on the left side another, with the letter “A” over it; and at the bottom of the apron another, with the letter “F” over it. These last three letters have the same meaning as on the order explained below.

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