13th Degree Jewel


The jewel is a circular medal of gold, around which, on one side, are the following letters, words and number: R, S, R, S, T, P, S, R, I, A, J, et S, ANNO ENOCHI2995. On the same side is an engraving of the ground with a rectangular hole in it into which two men are lowering a third by a rope. On the reverse side is a triangle emitting rays and in the middle of it the same letter as is on the apron, This medal is to be worn upon the chest, suspended by a narrow, white watered ribbon. The letters stand for: Regnant, Solomone, Rege Sapientissimo, Thesaurum Pretiosissimum Sub Ruins Inuenerunt Adoniram, Joabert, et Satolkin…Anno Enochi 2995; or “In the reign of Solomon, wisest of kings, Adoniram, Joabert and Satolkin found under the ruins the most precious treasure.” Let the emblem on the reverse side of this jewel always remind us that the good Mason reveres and adores the Grand Architect of the Universe, and endeavors, by pursuing the path of honor and duty, to perform the part assigned him in the world well and faithfully.


Royal Arch of Solomon Jewel

Metal: Brass


Dimension: 2-1/8″H x 2-1/8″ W(hanger not included)

Individually handcrafted by Mongolian smith


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