About Us


Things we believe and devote in more often shape our path, things we symbolize and take them meaningful and valuable, more often inspire, empower and uplift one’s life.

Regards so, we want to strengthen and encourage brother Masons advance toward light and divinity through our authentic expression and customized products.


As Masonic history is long, and it’s teachings are divine and sacred, so too are it’s rituals and regalias regarded as rich and plentiful.

The further we go through our masonic journey, we understand and acknowledge endless wisdom and truth; find bountiful, interesting and delightful knowledge and evidences.

And relevant tokens are rare to find, worth to be actualized into products. Therefore, we want create and deliver original meaning and representation of items to fill the special need of both Masonic Temples and Masonic Brothers.


  • Authentic expression
  • Personalized customization
  • Genuine quality